One of the first services Shekhar Trading provided was rescue and firefighting. We are really proud to say that we are the only company in Nepal that imports all of its rescue and firefighting vehicles from Sides and Bristol Uniforms. We are also the only ones with the necessary permits from Nepal.


Hydrological & Meteorological Equipments

All our weather equipment is exclusively imported from Thies Clima, EEC Radar, ESS Weathertech and Nesa Srl. which are all renowned manufacturers from all over the world. We are proud to say that we have installed Nepal’s first C-band weather radar in Surkhet that predicts weather conditions accurately using the latest technology which is a step forward for the country itself. Weather stations, Airports, Department of Hydrology and Meteorology are some of the areas that have used this service.



  • Wind
  • Air Pressure
  • Precipitation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Radiation


We have so far imported state of the art equipment for Baggage & Parcel inspection, personnel screening, explosives & narcotics detection, liquid detection and custom solutions from Nutech, China. In fact, one of our ongoing projects is the installation of forty new X-ray baggage scanners at the newly built Pokhara and Gautam Buddha Airport. Our best engineers and technicians are seeing that the installation is done efficiently. Apart from the airport, the customs department is also benefiting from the portable raman spectrometer which has proved to be highly useful in getting the job done.


Communication & Navigation Equipment's

Our biometric equipment is imported from the biometrics and security innovation leader Dermalog, Germany itself. Some of the products we have imported so far are Border control system, passport reader machine, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, barcode scanner and smart card reader. Our past projects that we have successfully completed are with National ID & Civil registration, major banks and corporate offices. Our service-team will be present on-site during the entire phase of soft- and hardware installation.


Ground Support Equipment

A huge milestone in this section is that we are the first to provide Nepal Airlines with their first Ambulift. Other than ambulift, we have imported Catering Truck, Aircraft tractor, Conveyor belt, Cargo loader, Passenger step, Container & Pallet Dolly


Power Solution

Solar systems, ground power units, UPS systems, batteries, and radar projects are all part of our power solution equipment. Mains power may not be available in rural areas. In these cases, a diesel-powered ground power unit is the best option. In the most harsh environments, the Ground Power Unit for aircraft provides the delivery of electrical power to both civil and military aircraft of all types. Their ultra-durable design is corrosion-resistant and designed to survive the extreme conditions seen in airports. The modular design allows for the integration of a wide range of alternatives into a single global standard. The logical similarity of elements aids in the functional understanding of the equipment and improves maintenance quality.


Airport Solutions

Air traffic control tower system, airfield lighting, heliport , ATC console, ATC Simulator, Baggage Handling System
We import integrated airport solutions including: Air traffic control tower system, airfield lighting, heliport , ATC console, ATC Simulator, Baggage Handling System and etc. The solution is an integrated use of the existing resources in our own TIA, which is based on all kinds of security equipment, and supported by information network technologies; it is also a solution with which the quality and efficiency of the checking process are to be enhanced. The operation of on-site civil aviation security checks has made qualitative leaps in the airports. We have also contributed in providing and installing Apron mast and high mast for civil aviation.